Our Projects


Affordable yet durable and attractive, housing units that are constructed using technologies that take full advantage of local labor resources. Both single and multi-unit housing will be built. Associated shopping and business areas (offices, manufacturing) will be provided as well.

Health Care

Health care is provided via major hospitals with a “de-centralized” concept to extend the reach of medical care to those that cannot come to the centrally located hospitals. Mobile clinic units are employed.


Community Empowerment Centers will be instituted that provide technology transfer at all levels. Typically industries build facilities or bring in new technology that is managed by “imported” labor at the highest levels of administration and/or technical expertise. Entrepreneurial skills that teach business ownership will also be taught as an alternative to being an employee. The centers will also address the need to have large meeting areas for various community activities and or to be rented by third parties.

Waste Management

Utilizes systems that do not produce toxic by-products such as toxic waste gases and fly ash and chemical additives that leave harmful residues in the drinking water.

Road Construction

Road pavement technology that uses an environmentally friendly binder that takes ordinary dirt roads and turns them into a drivable surface five times harder than asphalt


Power generation using natural resources such as the wind and solar energy. Once the power system is built, the local community shares in the profits generated from the charges for the use of the power that can be used in maintaining the equipment and labor necessary to keep the power system operational as well as provide a source of capital.

Public Transportation

Buses and/or a light rail system will be designed to interconnect the communities


A combination of fiber optic, cell tower and satellite will be used to provide telephone, television and Internet access.


Light manufacturing industries will be set up. The initial industry will be a computer assembly facility that utilizes parts imported from Asian suppliers that will be assembled, packaged and shipped to various areas throughout the community as well as for export to other communities and surrounding countries.




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